ab doogh khiar Recipe

ab doogh khiar Recipe

ab doogh khiar Recipe
ab doogh khiar Recipe


  • 1 liter buttermilk
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 g cream
  • Walnuts 2 g
  • Raisins 4 g
  • Yogurt Abstract 1 g
  • Eat a regular vegetable;

How to make ab doogh khiar

  1. To make buttermilk cucumber juice, first eat vegetable that contains any type of aromatic vegetable, such as basil, mint, onion, chicory, leek, etc. and wash and rinse and drain to remove excess water. Crush on small kitchen board
  2. And we pour in a large bowl. We wash the cucumbers and cut and crumble them like a vertical and vertical Shirazi salad and add to the greens and wash the raisins and drain and sprinkle on the cucumbers and greens. We pour
  3. And you can also cut walnuts with a knife and pour over the material or just add to the material. Then add the cream to the abstract yogurt and mix thoroughly with the spoon, then add the butter and mix again.
  4. To dissolve the cream whipped cream and yogurt dissolve in the buttermilk and add a little water if it is too thick and you can sprinkle some salt on it and add the vegetable and cucumber mixture into the bowl and mix all the cucumber buttermilk well. We go up and down
  5. And we put some dry bread in it, and if you don’t have time, you can pour a few pieces of ice in the cucumber juice and eat it, but if you have time, leave it in the fridge for 4 minutes to cool it down.

Thanks to Parsisara ( طرز تهیه آبدوغ خیار )

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