Ferdowsi’s beautiful short poems

Ferdowsi’s beautiful short poems

Ferdowsi's beautiful short poems
Ferdowsi’s beautiful short poems

In this article we have collected a selection of beautiful poems by the great Iranian poet Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi.

—– Ferdowsi poetry —–

Don’t know that Iran is my meeting

The world is under my head

The art is with the Iranians and much more

They did not let the jealous milk box

All are one godly devotee

They have no good fear of evil

That is how Mobb said to call me a man

To cheer the living enemy upon him

If the crop will be yours

What better than death in the field

Fighting all at once

To narrow the world to the malicious

—– Ferdowsi poetry —–

Laugh at him, wink

To your love weep not for pain and anger

Don’t touch the ground until you see the air

I don’t read the air on the floor of the king

It was raining in the spring

Not because it was the wish of the princes

—– Ferdowsi poetry —–

I’m not going to die because I’m alive

That I have scattered the seed of speech

—– Ferdowsi poetry —–

Chu’s speech was in vain

The spokesman humiliated the people

No, don’t get carried away

To be the treatment of life and suffering

—– Ferdowsi poetry —–

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