Love sentences and sms

Love sentences and sms

Love sentences and sms
Love sentences and sms

All my life

I sacrifice “Mimi” to name my last …!

*** Love SmS ***

What a great lie this crowded city is!

You’re not

Here too, it is devoid of Adam …

*** Love SmS ***

When will it complete …

Networks that are far from you

For your imagination

I’ll leave my eye on the whole house …

Being in your mood

I’m crazy

*** Love SmS ***

Being with you is the best moment of my life

And I am full of love and full of love

I see it clearly in my heart

And I know you can reach God

Happy Marriage Anniversary to both of us…

*** Love SmS ***

Last year I became the most beautiful bride in the world to stay in my heart forever

Anniversary of the best day of my life to both of you

*** Love SmS ***

I open my eyes with enthusiasm every day and when I see you next to me I love to kneel before the idol and thank God for giving me the gift you gave me.

Happy Anniversary Together we were happy

*** Love SmS ***

when I think of you !

All my being

Learns ;

You didn’t have that sense of anger. . .

*** Love SmS ***

Which fragrance is the most beautiful flower in the world?

You bloom wherever I write

*** Love SmS ***

Some people think

To love

it’s simple


Everything must be good

So that they can love someone in love


I say

Loving starts right from the beginning

Who gets bored

That takes an excuse

Who remembers to say


He remembers

Say it with mischief

I love you

Loving starts with time

To make your laughter go away

Wish your arms

And look, his arms are dim

If on cloudy and stormy days

You liked it

*** Love SmS ***

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